Apex Legends Player Designs Rewards System to Encourage Sportsmanship

An Apex Legends player designed a rewards system for good teammates.

An Apex Legends player designed a rewards system for good teammates. | Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players joining the game’s solo queue and playing with random teammates frequently find themselves at the mercy of cruel, callous or apathetic teammates who hardly deserve the title. That’s why one fan has designed a system to reward players who actively contribute to the team effort.

Apex Legends subreddit user u/Cazirus designed a system they call “Good Teammate Rewards” to this end. Players would earn points for aiding teammates — though Cazirus doesn’t explain exactly which actions would qualify — and those points would eventually turn into in-game rewards.

Cazirus’ mock-up offers experience boosts as the first reward, followed by weapon charms, weapon skins, and legendary Legend skins. Players would earn extra points if teammates rated them well, and would lose points for leaving matches early.

Other games have implemented similar systems, from Overwatch to League of Legends. None has eliminated in-game toxicity, but many appear to have successfully reduced negative outcomes.

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