Best soccer predictions

Best Soccer Predictions

Best Soccer Predictions for today


What if you were able to get the absolute best soccer predictions from hundreds of weekly sports betting tips greatly increasing your chances of success? What if free betting tips are chosen based on the past performance of similar tips and those tips are all created using a combination of several tried and tested statistical methods?

Well, now you can get them!


Proven Strategy

Using well established statistical methods along with automated software it’s possible to generate hundreds of soccer predictions every week for many leagues, theoretically, we could cover all of the major leagues in the world. However, we just concentrate on a few matches and predict their outcome through intensive and careful focused analysis.

Also, we know that if we make automated tips, based on tested statistical methods, that some will be successful and others won’t. So how do we target in on the best betting tips, the ones most likely to be correct, and how do we do it week after week? Well, the answer is to keep a record of how each and every tip performs, some tips are better than others and we want to know which ones.


Record Analysis

Simply keeping a record of how each of the hundreds of tips we make actually performs against the eventual result is not enough, what we need now is a way of analysing that data and grouping it logically to get the best from it.

When trying to predict the outcome of a match you may look at such qualitative things as the current injury list for each team, the team sheet, morale of the players, etc. We can also look at quantitative factors using our statistical methods to predict the outcome of the match, so we may look at such things as past performance, position in the league or more tried and tested statistical methods such that we have developed.



Of course, there is more to it than that. It’s no good just taking each tip and recording how it performed. You have to make sure that the parameters you set for each predictive method you use remain constant. So, choose your best settings for each method and stick to them for each and every prediction, for every league, and for the whole season. You must do this in order to retain consistency of soccer predictions within leagues, between leagues, and over time.


We do it For FREE

Many soccer predictions and tips sites provide only a few tips a week, some only one, with many charging huge amounts for the privilege. Using Win Bet App you will get the very best from dozens of free betting tips by improving your profits every week.

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