Best Team in FIFA 20: What’s the Highest Rated Squad in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team?

What's the highest rated squad in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team?

What’s the highest rated squad in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team? | Photo by EA Sports

Best team in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team varies based on what players want for their squads.

The best squad isn’t necessarily the highest rated squad, but players still strive for the 99 rated squad in Ultimate Team. As of writing, there are 10 cards with a 99 rating, but it gets difficult as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi both have two cards rated 99. After that, there are only six 98 rated cards with Kylian Mbappe occupying two cards as well.

So, is it possible to get a 99 rated squad? What’s the highest possible Ultimate Team squad rating in FIFA 20? Here’s everything you need to know.

Unfortunately, it’s still not possible to get a 99 rated squad in FIFA 20. The highest rated squad possible is only 98 with full chemistry.

The difficulty is that, not only are there so few 99 rated cards in the game, there are just few options to help provide full chemistry for all players. Even if players had a full team with 99 rated cards, the bench would affect the overall rating. The highest rated full backs in the game are Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andrew Robertson at 95 and 94 respectively.

It wasn’t even possible in FIFA 19 as the highest was also 98 with full chemistry as showcased by content creator Bateson87 below.

EA Sports would have to release a handful of cards during the rest of Summer Heat to make it possible to hit a 99 rated squad with full chemistry.

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