Care Package Punch Card: How to Complete the Fortnite Challenge

The Care Package Punch Card requires aggressive play to finish quickly.

The Care Package Punch Card requires aggressive play to finish quickly. | Courtesy of Epic Games

The Care Package Punch Card is one of the most straightforward challenges in the massive list of Punch Cards, but that doesn’t necessarily make it easy to complete. Here’s what you need to know about the Care Package Punch Card.

To complete the Care Package Punch Card, you’ll have to search a total of 500 supply drops over the course of the Fortnite season. That daunting final number is broken up into smaller progress marks at one drop, five drops, 10 drops, 25 drops, 100 drops and 250 drops.

Each time the safe zone shrinks, five supply drops deploy to the new safe zone. This provides plenty of opportunities to open multiple per game.

Finishing this Punch Card as quickly as possible will require you to play fairly aggressively, chasing down every supply drop you see. Doing so will often put you in harm’s way as supply drops are juicy targets for loot-hungry enemies. You’ll also want to take high ground whenever possible to get a good view of the skyline and plan your route to the next supply drop.

Find the full list of Punch Card objectives here.

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