Drew Brees’ Only Way Out is Retirement

Drew Brees

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees | Sean Gardner/Getty Images

The New Orleans Saints were one of the most in-sync teams in the NFL with a future Hall of Famer at quarterback in Drew Brees, but it was Brees himself who decided to drop an atom bomb into that locker room with his polarizing comments about protesters and their respect, or a perceived lack thereof, for the country and the flag.

Brees tried his best to get back in everyone’s good graces with an Instagram apology, but this isn’t going to please everyone.

Brees has been staring retirement in the face for years now, and this could be the excuse he uses to finally say goodbye to the NFL after almost two decades.

Not only have the Saints been thrown into deep disarray, but this was a team with Super Bowl aspirations this year. Before the season has even started, Brees has pissed off countless star teammates. An NFL team playing without respecting their quarterback is guaranteed to fizzle out in some form or fashion.

The resentment for Brees will eventually simmer down, so retiring after this isn’t going to be some black mark on his legacy. It might be the only way to patch the Saints back up in the short term, though.

Brees has nothing left to prove in the NFL. He has his championship, he has several major NFL records and he has more money than he’ll ever know what to do with. Now that team chemistry has been incinerated, it might be too late to try and patch things up. For Brees, maybe it’s best he hang up his cleats.

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