How To Win at Football Betting


How To Bet on Football


Sports betting is a billion dollar industry and football is the most popular sports in the world to bet on. Making profit is dependant on getting the valuable information.  The first thing to remember is you have to be clear and confident about what to bet and how to bet. You have to always take into concern the following points before you place any football bet.


Pre-Match Analysis



It is very smart to have a check on the participating teams’ injury situation before placing a bet. The bookmaker presents its odds quite early, sometimes a few days or weeks before the match kicks off. Surprisingly, many bookmakers sometimes don’t have the latest updates on the injury situation. Punters have here a rare advantage as they can be updated on injuries to the last minutes before the kick-off. Always pay attention to reports of viruses, squads suffering from the flu, etc. Very often during the winter squads are depleted due to flu or viruses. Nowadays, there are many websites and apps to assist you here.



The outcome of a match is often dependant on what kind of match it is. Is it an international, a cup game, a league game, a pre-season friendly, etc? National cups are often difficult to predict, especially less important cup games (like the league cup). This differs from country to country and from league to league. Always be aware of the cup finals. Usually, media and sports specialized websites make one of the teams a huge favourite, but, it’s still a cup final, and very often an open encounter.

International matches or important European cup matches are generally easier to predict than another league or cup matches. Friendly internationals often end with a draw, while important internationals rarely end with an away win. Playing at home seems to be very important in international matches. Also, never forget that the pride of a nation is at stake. However, all of these are not facts but simply statistics and trends after many analyzed matches.



There isn’t a specific rule regarding league results but we will point out some trends and traditions by top football leagues across Europe. In England, results are often very unpredictable in the first quarter of the season, and in the final quarter. In mid-season, results are very predictable, especially in the Premier League. English 1. division has been very open in recent years, and the less fancied teams beat the well-known teams more often than before. It’s well known that the Italian league is easier to predict than other leagues.

Top teams versus underdogs rarely end with a surprise result, and when the top teams meet, a draw is always in the cards. Norwegian top division is often very predictable, as is the Norwegian FA-cup. Germany has become more unpredictable than it used to be only a few years ago. But still, the top teams are very reliable at home. The French and Spanish leagues are also leagues with a high home win percentage. The French league is very similar to the Italian league regarding the number of home wins.



The top teams in Europe often play a high number of games each season, thus they need to make priorities on which competitions to go for. It’s virtually impossible for top teams to challenge seriously in every competition, due to the strain on the players. Very often top teams field a weakened side in competitions with a low priority. The national cups in Germany, France, Spain, and to some extent Italy, are examples of this. During the season run-in, mid-table teams, with little to play for, often beat top teams with medals in sight, or desperate teams looking to survive. Nothing to play for means no pressure and often these teams play very well. Of course, the opposite also happens as this has all to do with psychology and be aware of this kind of games.



The season in most European leagues starts in August and ends in may. During the first quarter of the season, results can be very unpredictable, and often less fancied teams bet the more well-known teams. In the Scandinavian leagues, the season starts in April-May and ends in October. The top teams often have an imperfect start, especially those who have attended the European Cups. But in the period June-September the favourites normally win their games, and it all seems very obvious. Results are known to be more unpredictable in July, though.



League tables should not be used as a pick criterion at all during the first months of the season, as they count for nothing in this period. Always wait for the season to settle, and only start to use the tables after about a quarter of the season. League tables should never be used as the only criteria when picking a betting object. Have in mind that bookmakers use league tables, form tables and 5- or 10-year statistics when they decide what odds to offer.



The form is the major criteria which bookmakers use when setting the odds. Therefore, teams’ forms are almost always recognised by bookmakers, and the prices reflect this. A team who has won it’s last 4 matches are rarely given good odds by the bookie. You have to identify a team in form as early as possible, in order to get good prices before the bookmaker discovers it. During a season teams hit periods with extreme luck and periods with really bad luck. Besides luck, this might be caused by many factors and it’s vital to your success to identify these periods early on before bookies get aware.



Some punters do not take last few years statistics into consideration at all when making a football prediction. Succesful punters do not use these statistics as a vital criterion, but if other criteria like form and league table indicate a good object and the past statistics show the opposite, the object is often dropped. Past statistics can indicate a team’s psychological superiority, but do not pay too much attention to this criterion unless form and league table both indicate a good object. Of course, this could be a superstition, but when things happen over and over again, it would be stupid not to take it into consideration when the situation occurs.


SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES – Sometimes two teams only need a draw to qualify for a championship, or to avoid relegation. Sometimes one team need a draw to ensure the championship, while to opposition need a draw to beat the drop. Bookmakers usually focus on these matches and often slash the prices in these situations. A “fixed” draw occurs from time to time and if you wondering how to bet on these matches, the answer is simple, just don’t.

How To Win at Football Betting

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