La Croqueta FIFA 20: How to Perform the Skill Move

La croqueta is one of the strongest skill moves in FIFA 20.

La croqueta is one of the strongest skill moves in FIFA 20. | Photo by EA Sports

La Croqueta FIFA 20 is one of the strongest skill moves in the game. Players who can maximize its potential in terms of shaking off defenders and creating space will see an increase in their level of play.

FIFA 20 introduced new skill moves to the game while also altering which players could perform existing moves. Some of the most prevalent skill moves in FIFA 20 include the drag back, the heel-to-heel flick and the ball roll. La croqueta returned from FIFA 19 and still remains one of the strongest skill moves in the game. It’s not as overpowered as it was in FIFA 19, but it’s still good to have in the locker.

Here’s how to perform a la croqueta in FIFA 20.

First off, players must have four-star skill moves to successfully execute a la croqueta. Think of la croqueta as an advanced ball roll. The button input is performing a ball roll essentially while holding L1 or LB depending on platform.

So, hold L1/LB and move the right stick either left or right. Be careful as trying to chain multiple la croquetas together will result in labored movement and risk in losing possession. Players can’t chain multiples of the move together like in FIFA 19. A strong way to utilize the move is to do a fake shot stop and then la croqueta to create space on the attack.

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