Little Red Ashe Skin Revealed Ahead of Overwatch Anniversary

Little Red Ashe was revealed Thursday, the first Anniversary skin to be unveiled.

Little Red Ashe was revealed Thursday, the first Anniversary skin to be unveiled. | Courtesy of Blizzard

The Little Red Ashe skin was revealed Thursday ahead of the start of the Overwatch Anniversary event, the first such skin to be revealed.

Little Red Ashe dresses the outlaw up as Red Riding Hood from the classic fairytale. She wears a red cowl over a short white dress, with turquoise accents on her chest. The design also incorporates the lumberjack from the original tale, adding an axe blade to the end of Ashe’s gun.

The skin also dresses B.O.B. up as the big bad wolf in disguise as Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother. The Omnic has a metal tail and claws, but wears blue pajamas and tiny red spectacles.

As a legendary skin tied to a specific seasonal Overwatch event, Little Red Ashe costs 3,000 in-game gold.

Little Red Ashe arrives in the 2020 Overwatch Anniversary event, which begins May 19.

To unlock Little Red Ashe, players can either purchase the skin directly using in-game currency or open it from a random loot box. When the Anniversary event ends the skin will become unavailable, likely until the next Anniversary event.

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