NFL VP Troy Vincent Blasts League for Botching Pass Interference Rule

Troy Vincent

Troy Vincent called last year’s pass interference rule a “disaster”. | Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Anyone with two eyes could see how much of a failure the implementation of the new pass interference rules were last season in the NFL. However, we weren’t expecting the league itself to blast the rule publicly.

That, however, is exactly what NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent did in an interview with NBC Sports this week.

Regarding the rule that allowed coaches to challenge pass interference calls and non-calls, Vincent bluntly said, “We didn’t do [our due diligence] last year, and we failed, and we failed miserably.”

The rule was implemented after a call that effectively caused the New Orleans Saints lose a playoff matchup to the Los Angeles Rams in the 2019 NFC Championship Game. After what we saw this season, though, we can’t be sure that officials would have even overturned that play itself, as they only changed the ruling on the field of 13 out of 81 coaches’ challenges this season.

In the same interview, Vincent discussed the possibility of adding a “sky judge” to the officiating crew. This official would be watching the game from a booth, and would assist the on-field officials when necessary.

Whatever the NFL does decide to change heading into next year, there needs to be an improvement on the rule they used last season. There was simply no common sense when it came to these calls.

Referees were going far too much by the book, which led to obvious mistakes during the course of the season. Whatever the case may be, these comments by Troy Vincent are promising for the future of the league.

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