VIDEO: Botched Bills Mafia Gender Reveal is the Most Ridiculous Thing You’ll Ever See

Bills Mafia botched this gender reveal

Bills Mafia botched this gender reveal

There is nothing that Buffalo Bills fans like more than illogically defending Josh Allen online and jumping on/throwing other people through folding tables. They’ve even taken this particular pastime to the world of gender reveals, as one Bills fan thought it would be a novel idea to throw his young son through a table and cake that would reveal the gender of their next kid. Unfortunately, the kid didn’t seem to enjoy this as much as the parents did, and they didn’t even reveal the gender in this video.

Look, we’re not here to tell you how to raise your kids or make viral videos. However, maybe chucking a small child into the ground like a Josh Allen screen isn’t exactly “father of the year” material?

If they have another kid, hopefully they learn from their mistakes and improve the gender reveal video.

Gender reveals are a bit overdone, but they can still be sort of cool if you do them in a unique and creative way. This Bills fan’s strategy of hurling his toddler through a table and onto the floor without even revealing the gender, however, is a model for how not to execute one of these.

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