VIDEO: Manchester United Defender Marcus Rojo Appears to Break Lockdown Rules With Card Game

Manchester United defender Marcus Rojo broke social distancing guidelines.

Manchester United defender Marcus Rojo broke social distancing guidelines.

Lockdowns are taking place across the globe in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. That includes the country of Argentina, where a lockdown order remains in place. Manchester United defender Marcus Rojo is living in his native Argentina, and a video surfaced of him taking place in a card game that clearly breaks social distancing guidelines.

The video was originally shared by his brother before it was deleted. But screengrabs and downloads live on forever, and Rojo may now have to answer to Manchester United officials on why he was spotted in this close-quartered card game.

This is a bad look for anyone, and especially for a professional athlete (remember the Dak Prescott birthday fervor?). The club likely wants its players to be setting a good example, and Rojo ignored that simple task. He may also have to answer questions from leaders in his home country, as he plays on the national team.

Other professional athletes must learn from Rojo’s mistake and continue to set positive examples for their fans.

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