Weedle Community Day Pokémon GO: Everything You Need to Know

Get ready for Weedle Community Day in Pokémon GO!

Get ready for Weedle Community Day in Pokémon GO! | Photo by Niantic

Weedle Community Day Pokémon GO is coming in June. After a round of voting, Weedle will be the featured Pokémon in June’s Community Day.

On June 20 from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. in your local time, you’ll find a lot more Weedle in the wild. The big draw for Community Day Pokémon is that your chances of finding a Shiny Weedle dramatically increase. This will be the first time you’ll be able to catch a Shiny Weedle, so don’t miss it.

On top of being able to find a Shiny Weedle, any Kakuna (Weedle’s evolved form) evolved into Beedrill during the event and up to two hours after will learn an exclusive move for Community Day: Drill Run. This Ground type move will help Beedrill counter some Fire type match ups it’s normally weak to, though Beedrill works best as a straight shooter for Poison and Bug attacks.

On top of the exclusive Weedle upgrades, there will also be a Community Day bundle in the shop that contains and Elite Charged TM, 30 Ultra Balls, three Star Piece and three Incense. You’ll also get triple catch Stardust and Incense will last for three hours during the event.

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