What is Asian Handicap in Betting

What is Asian Handicap

In order to make it easier for bettors we always choose some of the most popular types of bets. This sports betting guide answers the question ‘ what is Asian handicap ‘ on which we based our sport bet predictions.

The draw is common in football. It is for this reason that traditional football match betting markets offer three outcomes: a home win, an away win, and a draw.

  • 1 indicating the first team listed (usually home team) to win
  • X indicating Draw (tie)
  • 2 indicating the second team listed (usually away team) to win


What is Asian Handicap?

Weighing up the correct draw odds can be tricky, which is where the Asian handicap comes in handy. By focusing on the difference between the two teams, it effectively eliminates the draw. The stronger team is given an imaginary edge over the weaker team, balancing out its advantage and, in theory, giving both an equal chance.

So now we have answered the question ‘ what is Asian handicap ‘, the next question is who does the handicapping? The Asian handicap is determined by bookmarkers. It’s not clear exactly how this is calculated, but the process is likely to involve analysis of the team’s histories, previous meetings, injuries and club news. Home ground advantage, home and away form, and team news are also likely to be considered.

Most handicaps are offered at intervals of a quarter or one half, which eliminates the draw and means that the Asian Handicap has to produce a winner as it’s impossible to score half or quarter goals. In most cases, the payouts for the handicap are normally even or relatively close to each other.


Asian handicap football


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Level handicap of 0:0

This is the most common handicap, and means that both teams are considered to be equal. For example, if Juventus play against Roma and the handicap is given as 0:0, a draw would mean that bettors would get their stakes back, but if either side wins, bettors who backed that team would win.

¼ quarter handicap, also known as level half

In this, handicap results are split between the smallest intervals, and the draw does not result in any bettors having their stakes returned.

½ handicap, also know as half ball

This is a simple handicap to understand. For instance, if we give a ½ handicap to Juventus against Roma, the match is effectively Juventus 0 – ½ Roma. Should Juventus win, backers of Juve win the bet. If Roma wins or the game ends in a draw, Juve backers will lose their stake.

¾ handicap, also called half ball one ball

In this bet, handicaps are split to the closest ¼ intervals. For instance, if Roma have a – ¾ handicap, a bettor who bets on Juventus will be splitting his bet. Half of his stake will go on a ½ handicap on Juventus, and the other half goes on a Juventus +1 handicap. Assuming the handicap payout is 2.00 and Juventus beats Roma 1-0, then the punter will lose nothing on the 1 handicap, but will win half of his stake on the ½ handicap.


Asian Handicap Totals (Goals Betting)

What is Asian handicap goals betting? In this type of betting, you can also predict the total number of goals that will be scored in a football match.

For example, if you bet under 2.5 on a certain football match, you will win if it finishes with a maximum of 2 goals or less that is 0-0,1-0 and so on. Betting over 2.5 will mean that you win when the match finishes with 3 goals or more that is 2-1, 3-0 and so on. The most popular and probably more profitable is betting on the 2.5 range.

Also, there is a quarter goal handicap (O/U 2.75 or O/U 3.25) in which you receive 50% of your stake back if you ‘half lose’ or receive 50% of your winnings if you ‘half win’.


What is Asian Handicap in Betting
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