Windshear Cloak Fortnite: Why the Back Bling is Disabled

The Windshear Cloak, Cyclo's back bling, has been temporarily disabled.

The Windshear Cloak, Cyclo’s back bling, has been temporarily disabled. | Courtesy of Epic Games

The Windshear Cloak in Fortnite has been temporarily disabled without much in the way of explanation from developer Epic Games. Here’s why Epic Games took the back bling out of the game.

The Windshear Cloak is the back bling of the Cyclo outfit Epic Games released in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2. Epic Games disabled the Windshear Cloak Monday night, displaying an announcement saying as much when players joined its The Device event.

Although Epic Games did not explain the reason for the removal, player’s report seeing the cape stretch to incredible lengths in an apparent visual glitch. Whether or not the glitch also caused gameplay malfunctions is unknown.

In addition to leaving the Windshear Cloak’s disappearance unexplained, Epic Games has yet to address when the item may return to the game.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 is scheduled to go live Wednesday.

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